In Fathers Footsteps

In Fathers Footsteps

The story revolves around the knitwear, textile/fashion industry, a highly competitive cutthroat business.


Simon Meradith’s world is taken apart by the unexpected death of his father, a seemingly successful businessman in the fashion industry.

It emerges that Simon’s father’s suicide was due to the collapse of his business contrived by deceitful manipulation by a major competitor and a crooked banker.

His family has lost everything, father, business and family home, they are completely penniless.

Simon’s career unexpectedly sees him follow his father into the textile industry, and eventually, has an opportunity to avenge his bankruptcy and death.

He has outstanding success within the industry and marries a leading fashion model.

Life does not run smoothly when he is implicated as a murder suspect and looks to have been framed for the death of his secretary.

Stapleton, a deranged serving paratrooper fuelled by alcohol and haunted by past abuse, turns killer determined to hunt him down and kill him.

Stapleton is driven by delusion, jealousy and alcohol, and pursues Simon and with murderous intent.

The story has an intriguing fashion business background with intertwined relationships. It culminates in a thrilling chase by the manic killer.


If you are likely to take offence at the sexual relationships in the run of the storyline – this is not for you.

If you are looking for the growing momentum of a fast- moving story with twists and turns right up to its conclusion – this is for you.

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