Yesterday Is Gone

Yesterday Is Gone

Family Saga with fast moving Action


Sean Fitzpatrick was born in County Kerry, Ireland in 1944 the seventh son of a poor family living in isolation out by Loch Currane. Tragically, his mother died at his birth and his father in desperation offered him to another woman in a nearby village to foster, who had just lost her own child in childbirth.

Sean grew up for years in ignorance of his true parentage only to discover on the death of his foster mother her deceit and his true birth family identity.
Discovering that he was the youngest of seven boys he is determined to find his brothers and to be reunited with his true family but this proves to be a difficult task. He takes comfort in the Catholic Church and enters a seminary.

As a newly ordained catholic priest in the 70’s, he becomes a curate to St Patrick’s Church in London’s Soho at a time when the IRA was active in England.

Following a drive by shooting in nearby Oxford Street  the young priest becomes embroiled in a conflict between the Mafia, the IRA and the Vatican Bank.


The action moves swiftly throughout the story. Sean fights a physical battle against two subversive forces intent on his capture.  He also has to come to terms with his growing emotional feelings for Maria and closure on a reunion with his birth family.

This is the story of the growing relationship between Sean the young priest and Maria the nurse who helps him deliver his valuable package to the Vatican.

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